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3rd Annual Stanford L. Kurland
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Benefiting brain cancer research for a cure

JUNE 9-10, 2024  | 

UCLA Neuro-Oncology is dedicated to finding a cure for the most common, invasive and fatal type of malignant brain tumor: Glioblastoma.

Stanford L. Kurland Memorial Golf Classic

Why is Glioblastoma (GBM) so devastating?

Currently there is no cure. There is no remission.
Average survival
is about
8-12 months
Only 40% survival
in the first year after diagnosis,
and only 20% in
the second year
95% of brain cancers
come back either
the same or more
Not like any other cancers:
  • Resists chemotherapy, radiation and other therapies because the brain has a tough barrier that prevents access to the tumor. Treatments that are able to break through are then also actively blocked by the tumor.
  • Defies surgery because it interweaves with healthy brain tissue.
  • Mutates and changes its identity to develop a resistance to therapies.
  • Varies widely, making it extremely difficult to replicate in a lab or find a single cure.
  • Attacks brain function, so it heartbreakingly impacts patients’ ability to move, speak, see or think.
  • Grows extremely rapidly and aggressively.
High cost and failure-rate deter pharmaceutical companies from investing in a cure.
Due to all of these unique challenges, progress has nearly stood still for decades. The only advancements have slightly nudged survival rates by a few months, and nothing more.
Stanford L. Kurland Memorial Golf Classic

But there is hope.

Thanks to the millions of dollars already raised by the Stanford L. Kurland Research Fund, UCLA Neuro-Oncology has made significant strides:

Development of ERAS-801, a promising new medication designed to hinder tumor growth, which is currently in a new clinical trial.
Breakthrough discovery that Glioblastoma uniquely has two molecular blocks that thwart therapy. New treatment is now being tested to take down one of the blocks.
An expanding team of experts that drive world-class drug discovery and research. Namely, renowned chemist, Dr. Alan Olivero has joined the team to lead drug discovery, bringing extensive pharmaceutical company experience.
Groundbreaking “one-stop” research model that identifies the target, creates the drug, evaluates tumor response, and then quickly iterates – all onsite, for greater precision and efficiency. This tight research loop is conducted on multiple targets at the same time for exponential learning – and higher odds for effective outcomes.
New equipment that enables onsite research, making funds go further and discovery move faster.
Stanford L. Kurland Memorial Golf Classic
How will future funds be used?
Drug optimization
for treatment
combinations that
build on the current
clinical trial.
Further expansion of
research team and lab
testing resources to try to
take down the two blocks
and tackle mutations that
are resistant to treatment.
Influence across the financial
ecosystem to mitigate risk so
more companies will invest in
research and development for
Glioblastoma – creating a
ripple effect.
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